Melbourne University Christian Union is a club where students can explore who Jesus is and what it means to live for him.

Click on an event in the Calendar below, or browse the website for more information.

Calendar List
          CU = Christian Union
          PM = Public Meeting
          MTG = Ministry Training Group
FG = Faculty Group FYG = First year's group (Bible Study)
LYG = Later year's group (Bible Study)
MYG = Mixed year's group (Bible Study)

What's on

During semester Christian Union runs a lot of events, some of them are listed below. See the calendar above, or the relevant pages on this website, for more information.

  • Public Meetings:

    Each week CU runs two Public Meetings, they're the time when we gather as a club to hear a talk on God's word.
  • Bible Studies:

    These are smaller groups of students that meet weekly to study the bible together.
  • Ministry Training Groups:

    Of a similar size to Bible Studies, Missionary Training Groups or MTGs are places where you're taught how to lead a Bible Study, where you explore the tricky issues surrounding Christianity, learn what the words exegesis and hermeneutics mean and get around to some of the things that you don't have time for in Bible Studies.
  • Camps:

    Christian Union runs several camps. Base Camp is the first of these. It's a weekend-long camp during semester, consisting of Challenging Talks, Bible Studies and much more. More information regarding it will be posted later.
  • Social Events:

    Christian Union runs many different social events, you can find more information on the calendar or under the 'Interest Groups' section of the website.



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